no mais recente disco de leonard cohen [cf. aqui], há uma belíssima canção sobre sexo.
e uma história sobre os homens (e o 'olhar' das mulheres) e (a passagem d)o tempo.

You know, I was talking with some of the guys... some of the guys in the band are kind of over the hill.
And they were talking about the various stages that a man goes through in relation to his allure to the opposite sex.
It was not a scientific evaluation... just something that arose over a cup of coffee.
It went something like this:

You start off irresistible.
And, then you become resistible.
And then you become transparent – not exactly invisible but as if you are seen through old plastic.
Then you actually do become invisible.
And then — and this is the most amazing transformation — you become repulsive.
But that’s not the end of the story.
After repulsive then you become cute – and that’s where I am.

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