[Tindersticks] Until The Morning Comes

My hands round your throat
If I kill you now, well they'll never know
Wake me up if I'm sleeping
By the look in your eyes I know the time's nearly come

Wake me up 'cause I'm dreaming
Well, they'll never believe what's been happening here
But caught in my mind there's a way to get out

Wake me up 'cause I'm dreaming, well, they'll never believe it 
So hush now my babe please don't cry, everything's gonna be alright
Hush now darling, I can hear you're screaming 
Let me hold you until the morning comes

So tell me this is what you want
You can whisper it soft or you can scream it out loud
'Cause there's still time to change your mind
But do it now before tomorrow comes

The light is fading
But the stars are dancing bright
My mind is racing like the clouds across the sky
How did you make me go this far?

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