[Tindersticks] Boobar, Come Back To Me

Boobar, come back to me
I know you feel the pain that I feel

I've heard that a thousand times
It sings behind every door
And I go rushing into that room
To find nothing at all
I ran down into the street
And bathed in the city's noise
'Seems no matter where I go
I still hear that voice

She sang: Boobar
And all the ships came in
Before the storm began

I jumped on the nearest train
I travelled down to the shore
I screamed into the waves
But I still hear that voice
I picked up an old guitar
I tried to learn that song
It's been so many years now
Of 'where did all gone wrong?

I sang it in every town
You know, I tried my best
Some nights I almost made it shine
I've made a fool of it
Was there a time we really sold ourselves out?
We wanted so much more 
We wanted something else 
I sang it in limousines
On the back of mules
It turned me into a king
It turned me into a fool

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